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The faculty are actively involved in the following research areas.

Conservation PlanningDevelopment

Comprehensive Conservation Farm Planning has been identified as a goal of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Conservation planning is a natural resource problem solving and management process.

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Decision Support System DevelopmentModel

Conservation planning requires that choices be made among potentially numerous alternative designs and outcomes.

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Historical LandscapesCrosby

With increasing value being placed on our natural heritage, The Crosby Arboretum is the premier native plant conservatory in the Southeast. The Arboretum was established as a living memorial to L.O. Crosby, Jr. (1907-1978) and has expanded to become a resource for education in the region and the world.

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Low Impact DevelopmentLATIS:

In order to meet federal and state water quality standards, design guidelines for many municipal and regional planning agencies are requiring the implementation of best management practices (BMP's) that will reduce water contaminants such as total suspended solids, phosphorus, nitrogen, and bacteria.

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Sustainable CommunitiesMSU

Storm-water management stakeholders in the coastal regions of Mississippi and Alabama overexaggerate the quality of natural waters in their areas, according to a recent MAFES study.

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Sustainable DesignCenter

Students and faculty from Mississippi State University who believe that, as a species, we must learn to "live within our means" on earth. Inordinate use of non-renewable resources and irresponsible disposal of wastes are simply not fair to the generations that will follow. The center focuses on developing, systematizing, and promulgating methods that will allow growing populations to live in a sustainable manner.

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Watershed PlanningAssessing

Coastal community long-term resiliency can only occur by the full implementation and public acceptance of regulatory codes and ordinances that ensure wise management practices that directly affect regional watersheds and water quality. There is an expressed need for a comprehensive central database that lists all regulatory codes for each strata of government for all lands and communities within coastal watersheds directly bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

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Wildfire/Urban Interface PlanningDeveloping

New community developments can be planned to minimize loss of property and life to wildfire through multiple defensive strategies.

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