The 62nd Edward C. Martin Landscape Design Symposium

October 18, 2017


Beyond Beauty: Native Plants
John Manion

Many of our native plants are beautiful in appearance and are essential food sources for many of our pollinators, their larvae, and myriad other living things. Covering many common favorites such as poke sallet, bloodroot, yellowroot, may-apple and jack in the pulpit, this talk will look be-yond beauty, and instead focus on the intriguing stories (both fact and folklore) that accompany some of our native species and their names.

Water in Landscapes
Cory Gallo
Cory Gallo, ASLA, will explore the aesthetic of sustainable water management in landscapes. From capturing and reuse to organizing a garden around the movement of water, the presentation will explore both historical and contemporary solutions to integrating water into landscape design.

Mississippi Smart Landscape
Bob Brzuszek
Mississippi smart landscapes is a new sustainable landscape training program being offered by the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Bob will share with you tips and techniques that you can use to have the smartest yard on your block.


John Manion John Manion
John’s true passion is working with plants. After earning degrees in plant science at Suny and Cornell universities, he worked at several botanical gardens and arboreta including the royal botanical gar-den in Edinburgh, Scotland. He served as historic gardens curator at the Atlanta History Center, and then assumed his present position as Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator at Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama, where he has been for seven years. Six years ago john began a certificate in native plant studies program that has been immensely successful.

Cory Gallo Cory Gallo
Cory Gallo is an associate professor of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University. An award-winning designer, Gallo specializes in creative approaches to working with water.

Bob Brzuszek Bob Brzuszek
Bob is an extension professor of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University, and co-directs the Mississippi smart landscapes program for the Mississippi State University Extension Service.


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